Dreamscape,” a specially designed installation created for the Ross Museum, explores the dynamic interplay between our environment and our imagination. It invites viewers to question and ponder the unexpected sight of boats suspended in mid-air, defying our conventional knowledge that boats should float on water. This visual paradox sparks curiosity and encourages us to engage our imaginations.

As we gaze upon these airborne vessels, they serve as a catalyst, rekindling our past dreams, memories, and the stories that reside within our minds. Similar to fleeting memories that traverse our thoughts, these boats take on form and meaning when we pause and focus on them. Their pristine white hulls resemble blank sheets of paper, inviting viewers to project their own memories onto them.

I hope this “Dreamscape” will awaken the spirits of those who experience this work, recalling their memories of encounters with the natural world, kindling their profound connections to nature.