Dreamscape, a site-specific installation for the Ross Museum, speaks to the dynamic relationship of our environment and our imaginations. We know boats float in water, so seeing boats suspended in the air ignites curiosity, questioning and imagining. Awakening us to our previous dreams, to our memories, to stories that linger within our imagination. Like memories that fleet across our minds, these boats only gather shape and momentum when the viewer pauses and allows the boats to come into focus. Their white hulls are akin to a blank sheet of paper, upon which the viewer can imagine their own memories. In essence, the stark whiteness against the leafless branches is like a beacon, in the hopes of illuminating the stories held within the viewer. Beckoning for stories and images to be cast upon the hulls, image upon image, memory upon memory, similar to water lapping upon a boats hull. It is my hope the ephemeral quality of this Dreamscape will quicken the spirit of those who see the work, triggering their memories of walking along the shore or through the woods, and having various experiences and encounters with the natural life therein, kindling their profound connections to the world surrounding them.