Dreams & Reflections


In this show I explore four areas of memory: personal; ancestral; cultural; and mythic. Within the show are large boat forms, paddles and articles of clothing. I am drawn to the idea of collective memory through re-membered images and events used to help define our families, our community and ourselves. In this sense, my pieces embody the ethereal aspects of memory, both in the process of their making, and then in their viewing. For example, the boats I have created are containers for our cultural memory. They embody layers of images that are representative of specific aspects of our culture, both past and present, including elements that portray how we envision our world. I feel that by remembering the past, we are able to preserve both the events that occurred and the emotional experiences of the events as well. In addition, recalling our collective and shared past gives context and sense of place to the present; this re-imaging then allows for the potential of the future.