As an educator within the visual arts, one of my goals is to provide students with an understanding of the multivalent aspects of visual culture and the language of image. I encourage students to develop a critical awareness of the layers of bias projected onto images by the viewer. Specifically, to understand any form of image, and by extension our visual culture, students are taught to recognize the lens through which we perceive such images. This process of understanding involves reflective analysis of the student's own personal and cultural bias. It further reveals the effect such perspectives have on the work they make, ways in which they perceive others, and the cultural in which they live.

As members of the global community, I believe it is important to approach teaching through the lens of integration with a cross-cultural perspective. As a teacher, my focus is in the field of interdisciplinary studies taught through a depth psychological and feminist lens, specifically combining the fine arts, media studies and the liberal arts. This blended approach provides students with skills to apply their knowledge and talents in a multitude of ways, and the ability to make connections within a variety of disciplines that affect their lives. Thus, my pedagogical approach underscores dynamic inter-relationships rather than focusing on discrete academic disciplines.