Comments from participants:

"Such a clear and beautifully orchestrated presentation on the manner/practice of moving, balancing, flexing in and out of the creative process. Your amplifications of the movement across the threshold and preparing to enter the sacred/Diving realm was awe inspiring! Remarkable, concise, comprehensive - truly amazing!"

"Excellent, clear definitions of all concepts. Really brought it home. Very useful!"

"Great balance of lecture and participation. Good mixture of intellect and theory, made really accessible. Nice multimedia approach that was well focused and drew from diverse sources."

"Wonderful presentation. Content easily applied to all aspects of life. Not only useful for creation of artwork. Life is art. Great job, and hope you will lecture for us again in the near future."

"I was so glad to be learning something concrete that will help me delve further into the mythic. It seemed like the staging (structure) one needs to stand on in order to reach the ceiling."

"Having the language and the tools to discuss film is like becoming conscious. I saw new aspects of movies with which I am very familiar. This new vision makes my world much richer!"

"Nicely done! You wove together insightful threads of image, engagements, suspension of judgment, ambiguity, lens and opening to the Divine. Challenging and illustrative slides."

"I really enjoyed your presentation, but especially your energy and creative delivery of a somewhat abstract concept. You were able to make time stop and bring me into your sacred space. Thank you."

"Lovely - thanks! Love the depth of understanding and living the topic of the creative experience."

"Presentation was wonderful. Audience was invited to make an attempt to approach the material on many levels. Eye-opening and informative. Presented in a way that even those new to Jungian psychology and art could gain an understanding."

"This came along at a time when I needed it. Thank you! I have been dipping back into making art and struggling with the reconnection, so this was very helpful."

"Excellent knowledge of topic - fascinating."

"Elizabeth is delightful. Her style kept me very involved."

"Excellent - will change the way I work with patients."